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Tree Care Is A Passion

We have never been shy of hard work and take pride in what we put our name on. Trees and shrubs are amazing things. They provide shelter and shade, offer privacy to homeowners, create clean air—they literally change the atmosphere. They’re one of nature’s most vital resources, and healthy trees can even improve the value of your property. For all of these reasons, it’s worth investing in US to bring health and longevity to your property’s tree life.


Tree Care Is An Art

Pruning is the cornerstone of tree care. To many it may seem simple: identify the branch to remove, pick up a saw, and cut. But it’s much more involved. There is a science to why we prune, and an art to how we do it.


A Walk In My Shoes

San Antonio social philanthropist Eric Castillo has a passion for helping those in need and works to help people get back on their feet, quite literally. Castillo is the founder of San Antonio-based nonprofit, A Walk in My Shoes, whose sole mission is to help those in need of shoes “get back on their feet.”   Eric Castillo started an organization called A Walk in My Shoes, which has collected and donated over 17,000 pairs of shoes in the San Antonio community. The goal is to continue to expand and grow this organization in order to keep on helping those in need and spread the importance of shoes, health and fitness to the community. He also serves as a board of director for former NFL athlete Lenny Walls' nonprofit "Breaking Down Walls" –  their mission is to use the power of sports to positively impact children and influence a healthy mind, body and soul.

The Power of A Dream

At the age of 28 with no prior football experience, Eric Castillo chased a dream to play collegiate football at the University of the Incarnate Word and made it his own reality. Castillo shares his experience and journey, but it's what he has done off the field that has already begun to change lives forever. Castillo needed to train hard and learn fast in his pursuit to play college football, but it was his ability to work with a team coherently and efficiently that has paid dividends for him both in football and the surrounding San Antonio community. Eric Castillo played his last year of college football at 30 years old and was invited to UIW's 2013 first Division 1 football camp where only 95 guys were selected. He was the oldest and least experienced, but a commitment to being hardworking and dedicated is what got him to his dream. Castillo, a 30-year-old Senior Division 1 college athlete, lived his dream through a powerful testimony called THE POWER OF A DREAM.

Video - Castillo’s Comeback - KSAT News